Samuel Brackish Grundemann, also known as Staytus, is a record producer, songwriter, composer, musician, audio engineer, and remix artist.

Samuel's accolades and accomplishments include being acknowledged and featured on social media by Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails/SONOIO, Canadian rock group Secret Broadcast, Deuce of Hollywood Undead, and rapper Johnny Massacre.

Samuel also has songwriting credits on The Jack Linger Project track "Escape" from the album Covenant.

Samuel has taken several master classes from Mau5trap recording artist Julian Gray, electronic music producer R3LL, as well as Hans Zimmer and Deadmau5. Samuel is also an Ableton Live tutor and is Pro Tools certified.

Samuel produces and writes for a wide variety of genres, including industrial rock/metal, progressive electro/dubstep/EDM, hyperpop, and TV/Film/Game soundtracks.

Samuel holds two associate's degrees in music production and a certificate in sound design from Scottsdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College, both of which are nationally-accredited universities.

Samuel is known for creating innovative new trends in mainstream music and sound design, as well as being able to gather an audience towards them.


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