Wasteland Of Broken Hearts

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An album that unfolds with the peaks, valleys and changing scenery of a film, Wasteland of Broken Hearts pins you to your seat from start to finish. Of course, the music is so rich in sonic texture there’s an almost tactile quality to Grundemann and co-producers Adam Berg and Sean Beavan’s mixes—no surprise to anyone already familiar with Staytus’ debut. For the second time, Grundemann has crafted a work that pulls you into its own sonic dimension. And again, Grundemann has stamped this music with her singular approach to production and vibe: Gen X-inspired angst meets animé and modern gaming culture set to an electro-industrial nu metal soundtrack.

Disease of the Mind

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With an aggressive industrial metal sound that would make fans of genre heavyweights like Nine Inch Nails, Black Dresses, Kitte proud, Staytus is constantly challenging the norm, with a nod to what has come before, while staying truly original and exciting in her delightfully destructive delivery. 

“The relentless mechanical pulses of 'Disease of the Mind' are the perfect counter point to an all too human soul being ripped apart in the machinery. Staytus has the kind of visceral scream into the abyss that reminds us that we should never stop railing at the injustice and apathy that surround us. A true musical auteur, Staytus shows us complete mastery of the tools of her trade and still gives us glimpses into a psychological chaos that lets us know the edge is omnipresent and inescapable. I love an artist with vision and Staytus is no exception. 'Disease of the Mind' is an opening salvo into what is sure to be an intense and ever expanding journey through the battles and conquests of the life of a fearless explorer.”

A uniquely eclectic soundscape that delves into the many dark and raw corners of life in modern day society. Staytus beautifully stitches them together in a thought provoking sonic bath that is unforgettable. It was quite an adventure and most definitely a pleasure to work with this talented artist.